Tungsten Ring With Meteorite & Dinosaur Bone
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Style Number: SGDB008(Jurassic Ring Series)


This stylish black 8mm tungsten carbide ring features two inlays, one packed with fossilized fragments of the ancient T-Rex dinosaur! It existed underground for millions of years until it was recently discovered in North Dakota. The fossils have been broken down into small pieces and suspended in a protective natural resin. Another passage is filled with even older meteorites, which are extraterrestrial fragments found in the Muonionalusta meteorite in Sweden, where meteorite hunters from around the world brave harsh conditions to travel across the swamp in search of this rare otherworldly species, treasure.

The meteorite metal shavings in this ring create a unique and intricate design on the strap that looks amazing when reflected in the light! These fragments of distant history from ancient to modern times are brought together, suspended in resin, made into rings, and ready for a comfortable home, right in your hands.

Tungsten rings are cast from lost wax using industrial molds and then polished with diamond paste. Tungsten is very tough and quickly became the first choice for most people because it does not scratch or corrode and is very durable.

This ring features a snug fit inside the ring, which means the center of the ring is true to size and slightly larger toward the edge of the ring. The tight fit makes the ring easier to put on and take off and more comfortable on the finger.

Some people like the way the ring fits snugly against the finger and will order a ring slightly smaller than the ring size.

Ring Detail: 

  • Tungsten Carbide, Muonionalusta Meteorite, T-Rex Bone
  • Width:  8 mm
  • Graphic Design, Comfortable Fit
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Return Policy

Each Ring Includes:

  • Saga Bands Silicone Ring Set
  • Saga Bands wooden ring box

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