Titanium Wedding Rings

      Black titanium rings are more affordable, lighter, and more durable than platinum or gold rings. This is an incredible material with the highest strength-to-weight ratio and is very comfortable. Our titanium wedding bands are made of anodized titanium technology, which has better scratch resistance and is hypoallergenic.

      Tungsten Vs Titanium?

      Both titanium and tungsten are much harder than some precious metals. Tungsten is harder than titanium, but titanium is more resistant to cracking. Tungsten easily surpasses scratch resistance, but black titanium is still more scratch-resistant than other precious metals. The tungsten carbide ring has a heavy feeling of excitement. Titanium rings are more suitable for men who work with flexible hands.

      Can titanium rings be resized?

      We use aviation-grade titanium, which is more expensive and harder to machine, So its size cannot be changed. Titanium will wear out over time, but it can withstand pressure without cracking or bending, and it will not fade. But as stated in our store policy, size replacement and lifetime warranty services are provided for all rings.

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