What Is Dinosaur Bone Ring

      Our unique dinosaur bone rings are made using an inlay of 100% authentic, crushed, agatized dinosaur fossils. The fossils we use can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. Dinosaur bone is a fossil, fossils are rock, and rocks are brittle. This is why we inlay the dino bone as a crushed inlay to ensure a durable, wearable ring. The crushed pieces are inlaid into a groove on the band and sealed with a medical-grade resin.

      Where is the dinosaur bone from?

      The dinosaur bone fossils used in our dinosaur bone wedding rings are located in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Most of the dinosaur bones used in our rings were found on private land in these areas. We adhere to a strict ethical policy of only using dinosaur bones collected from private land and only using damaged or too-small specimens.