Our original intention of casting the ring was because we were getting married, but we did not find what we wanted. Yes, a wedding ring that suits you. Our first ring was finally born in my father's workshop after a lot of hard work. My father has a workshop for hand-forging cooking tools and chef knives. My brother and I grew up here and inherited the forging craftsmanship from my father. My profession is a product designer, and I like hand-made, outdoor travel and design. My wife is a professional oil painter. We have a common hobby. At that time, the company selling rings did not have a ring that fits our profession and hobbies.  We care more about love wedding rings. Since all the conditions are met, I am going to make a wedding ring for myself. After designing, selecting materials, and a series of processes, we made the first wedding ring. Have our own love artwork. Now we have a daughter and a son, they often play in the workshop, I think they like it too!

Our finished products are completed by professional craftsmen. Our talents give life to each miniature work and show the story behind each work to the world. Of course, all works have magical natural elements, including meteorites, antlers, and exotic woods. We will forge and beat some materials, and we will also lathe some materials. We did some research and discovered tungsten and titanium belts, which are durable and bearable. The company that sold them at the time was terrible in customer service and didn't know anything about the products they were buying. We were shocked and vowed to create a better experience. 

We are a team of caring, daring individuals who love pushing boundaries. Our culture thrives on freedom, hard work, and fun. We offer various metal options, each with unique advantages. Our goal is to enhance the wedding ring purchasing experience, making it the least stressful part of the wedding planning process. We strive to provide a respectful, superior, and loving buying experience to all.

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