Lifetime Warranty

At Saga Bands, we provide
customers with the ultimate service!

Warranty within 1 year

If your ring is damaged in any way, we will Repair or Replace it free of charge in the first year. You can send it back for only a $40 shipping/re-polishing fee. The exchange does not charge a purchase fee.

After the first year of purchase

If your ring is damaged or worn after the first year, we will still provide you with warranty service with a deductible of only $50. This will provide you with a brand new ring, and there is no limit to the number of times you can use the warranty.

When does the warranty start?

The replacement and warranty will begin when you first receive the ring.

What the warranty does not cover

Ring modification, such as engraving or any other type of ring modification. We will still free repair or replace your ring in the first year, but we will not take any excessive responsibility of consumers.
Saga Bands is not responsible for the emotion or intrinsic value of the original ring.
Inventory: If the ring you ordered is not in stock when you replace it, we will allow you to choose a new ring of the same value. The warranty applies to the original purchase.