Gold Accent Hammered Tungsten Ring
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Style Number: SGTH6431

This Hammered Tungsten ring is an 8mm tri-color band with black and silver and a gold accent stripe. This ring is the perfect wedding band for someone who likes to show their individuality.

Tungsten is fast becoming man's best friend. Wearing tungsten makes a man feel solid, significant, and important.

The tungsten carbide that I use is PVD coated, meaning it has gold titanium plating ionized on it in a vacuum. This is THE most durable finish possible.

Tungsten Carbide is the most scratch-resistant material currently available for a ring. It will never rust nor tarnish and is entirely waterproof. You can leave your ring in a vat of ferric chloride acid for a year, and it will be altogether fine (although I don't recommend it).

I use Tungsten Carbide to cut Titanium. That's how strong it is. It's an absolute marvel of modern engineering and ranks 92-95 on Moh's hardness scale (out of 100).

Ring Detail:

Each Ring Includes:

  • Saga Bands Silicone Ring Set
  • Saga Bands wooden ring box

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