Tungsten Carbide Ring

      The tungsten carbide ring is very durable and a bit rare, and it is quickly becoming man’s best friend. Wearing tungsten rings wire will make a man feel tough, stable, and powerful. It is one of the most masculine materials.

      Tungsten carbide rings pros and cons?

      Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal known on earth, and it is affordable and hypoallergenic. Tungsten has a good weight so that you can always feel the ring on your hand, but titanium wedding rings are more suitable for people with flexible hands. Tungsten carbide will not bend, and you never have to worry about your fingers being squashed by the ring. Tungsten is brittle and will break and fall off under heavy pressure, but it will also make your fingers safer.

      Can tungsten rings be resized?

      Tungsten is very hard. Due to its special manufacturing process, tungsten wedding rings cannot be changed in size. But we use the "COMFORT FIT" size to make them, as stated in our shop policy to provide size replacement services and a lifetime warranty for all rings.