How Do I Take Care Of My Band?

All our rings require no special care and can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaners or mild soap and water. We recommend wearing our complimentary silicone rings when doing physical labor or working out. We offer a limited-lifetime repair service on all types of rings.

Tungsten Rings

You can clean them with mild soap and water. Tungsten rings are super tough but will lose their luster in the presence of harsh chemical liquids (bleach, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, etc.). Tile floors are the krypton of tungsten, please be careful not to fall on tile floors.

Damascus Steel Rings

You can clean them with mild soap and water, Damascus steel does not like harsh liquids such as chlorine or salt water, so try not to put them in swimming pools and hot tubs for a long time as this will cause them to lose their luster or rust.

Meteorite/Dinosaur Bone/Opal And Other Inlay Rings

All our inlay rings are protected and sealed with marine-grade epoxy resin. It is recommended to avoid excessive temperatures and are not suitable for long-term wear in hot tubs/pools/lakes/oceans. Simply clean with mild soap and water and dry/polish with a soft cloth.

Diamond Inset Rings

We recommend having your prongs checked by your local jeweler every 4-6 months to ensure the safety of your center stone. Cleaning with mild soap and water is a good way to restore the shine of diamond set rings.